The “fake news” problems at Facebook and Google are actually antitrust problems

From: The Fact-Checkers Who Want to Save the World – The Ringer

“Since even Facebook’s (and Google’s and other tech giants’) most rudimentary attempts at content moderation have been frequently fraught, the chances that these platforms will emerge as a trustworthy authorities on healthy information ecosystems seem negligible. Even if these platforms find better and more thorough ways to integrate fact-checking experts into their assessments of information, there’s a compelling argument to be made that the root of the problem is the sheer volume of information: the size that these tech behemoths have grown to and the entrenched roles they’ve assumed in distributing information. Sally Hubbard, a former assistant attorney general in the New York State’s Antitrust Bureau, contends that the “fake news” problems at Facebook and Google are actually antitrust problems.”

This seems so obvious but it is worth pointing out. We are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by a few bad actors because a handful of companies only care about making a shitload of money at the expense of our democracy. There has already been a price paid for this and it will only continue to increase if we leave this unchecked. Emphasis mine

It’s an Antitrust issue.


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