My Art

An interpretation

A quick interpretation of a sculpture in the Modern Art Gallery Edinburgh.


6 thoughts on “An interpretation

  1. Richard says:

    Adam, I’m amazed at how creative you got with the technical for procreate and I just love your tutorials and work. I wanted to see if you had a written with still image breakdown of your post process after you create your painting… all the stuff you do with affinity photo. Also, is there a way to do that process in photoshop and if so, how would you go about doing that? Thanks again for posting this information, your procreate breakdown for watercolor is incredible!


    • Hi Richard, I can’t remember if there is something in the procreate forum but basically the stuff you are doing in Affinity is finding the edges and then breaking it up a bit with a mask. All of this is stuff you can do in Photoshop if you prefer. There is a filter in photoshop for finding the edges I can’t remember what it is called because I’ve not used photoshop for years now. You can then use a layer mask with the clouds filter or similar.

      I have not had much of a chance to work on a new site with a more thorough guide to this process. I have also been using Art Set 4 more and more for watercolour stuff If you’re on an iPad definitely check it out, the watercolour engine is really good.

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  2. Peter says:

    Hi Adam. Terrific work. I’ve followed your Procreate postings and I have things updated. Also after reading your post above I downloaded art set 4. I am impressed with the watercolor function. Somewhere and somehow will you ever post about your approach to the app? Thanks so much. Cheers!


    • Hi Peter, I am thinking about doing something at some point in regards to documenting Art Set 4 as I am using it more and more these days. Finding the time to document is the hardest part so I can’t promise any timeframe. It is a shame because while there are a whole heap of different resources for Procreate and a vibrant community (although I would argue slightly less vibrant since the new forum went live) there is currently nothing similar for Art Set 4. I’ll do my best to get something out there soon



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